Marketing E-book Series



Project Description

A project of firsts, this 2-part campaign was my first time creating content marketing collateral and my first time promoting a campaign via the Hubspot CRM. The subject for each e-book in this campaign was ways for hotels to incorporate new technology into various areas of their operations. To keep consistent with Intelity’s brand image, I chose to mostly use flat vector illustrations, while also expanding on the color palette. I wanted both books to be unique to their subjects, but also have a common framework and structure to reinforce their place in the overall campaign.

Once the collateral was completed, I strategized with the marketing manager on setting up a marketing funnel in Hubspot to entice leads to provide contact information in exchange for our collateral. I created a landing page with a straightforward call-to-action to increase contact conversions. Once the funnel was created, I also worked with the marketing manager to promote the campaign via email and social media.

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator  //  Adobe Photoshop  //  Adobe After Effects  //  Hubspot  //  Mailchimp  //  Wordpress


September 2015 - January 2016