GolfNow VIP Branding and Launch



Project Description

Very Important Program. This has been one of GolfNow’s biggest initiatives of 2017, with the goal of this program being to increase customer loyalty. I was tasked with creating the look and feel of the VIP product and creating all of the marketing materials. To differentiate this program from other GolfNow products, I focused on dramatic imagery and a largely black-and-white color palette. The signature of the program was the hard-edged black corner to help drive home the elegant and exclusive tone.

Once the brand was established, I set about creating all of the marketing collateral, including email campaigns, static and HTML banner ads, social media graphics, website imagery, and a welcome mailer for all new users.

The welcome mailer was a die-cut folded piece welcoming users to the program and describing the benefits they would receive. I also designed a metal golf bag tag that was included with the mailer as a surprise gift. Creating this piece was my favorite part of the campaign.

The program launched in February 2017, and as of July 2017, there have already been over 27,000 new sign-ups. To help keep the program fresh, we started running other promotions, the first of which being a golf ball giveaway with sign-up. I created all-new marketing assets to promote this campaign.

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator  //  Adobe Photoshop  //  Google Web Designer  //  Adobe Dreamweaver  //  Adobe InDesign


May 2017

Welcome Mailer

GolfNow-VIP-mailer-by-jake-newman GolfNow-VIP-welcome-gift-golf-bag-tag

Digital Banners

GolfNow-VIP-PPC-banner-300x250-mockup-Jake-Newman GolfNow-VIP-digital-banners-Jake-Newman


Social Media

GolfNow-VIP-Facebook-post-Jake-Newman GolfNow-VIP-Twitter-post-jake-newman


GolfNow-VIP-Savings-chart-email-jake-newman GolfNow-VIP-Invitation-email-jake-newman

June 2017 Campaign Refresh

GolfNow-VIP-TP5X-promotion-homepage-banner-jake-newman golfnow-VIP-TP5X-digital-banner-sizes-jake-newman GolfNow-vip-TP5X-promotion-website-popup