Tradeshow Marketing Campaign



Project Description

A marketer's dream come true. This is one of the largest projects I have worked on at Intelity. I worked with the Marketing Director to plan and execute the booth structure and all accompanying collateral and promotional materials. We started with the overall theme of our booth, which we decided as "dream technology for hotel staff and guests." I visually incorporated this theme by using a very soft teal, purple, and blue color palette and by using cloud icons throughout all the materials. I first applied this theme to the tradeshow booth design and the accompanying print collateral. Next, the Marketing Director and I created a full campaign in the months leading up to the event. This campaign involved targeted emails, custom landing pages, social media graphics, blog posts and a custom event companion app.

Software Used:

Adobe Illustrator  //  Adobe Photoshop  //  Adobe After Effects  //  Hubspot  //  Mailchimp  //  Wordpress


June 2016